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Jetslide designed for PWCs greater than 800lbs with Post Cubes for anchoring.  Package includes:

  • Cube G2 Beige – 12
  • Connecting Pin G2 Beige – 12
  • Sliding Nut Black – 2
  • Nut Candock White – 16
  • Exterior Lug Connector – 16
  • Spacer – 46
  • Cube G2 Post Beige – 2
  • Jetslide G2 Beige – 1
  • Exterior Lug Connetor Jetslide – 2
  • Cube G2 Corner Beige – 2


  • Assembly Key for Pin G2 – 1
  • Assembly Key for Nut (ratchet socket) – 1

Post pounder and remover tool are NOT included in package but recommended.

Posts are NOT included in package.

-As PWCs vary in size, weight, shape, etc, the Jetslide system may not work for all PWCs

-Sufficient ground density is required for anchoring to counteract environmental forces. The amount of anchoring required is dependant of many factors some of which are not observable at this time, Csquared Innovations is not responsible for insufficient anchoring and the subsequent result.

-PWC fit and adjustments may need to be made once installed

-In some cases, a winch may be required to assist in removing PWC off lift

-PWC requires proper securement

-Large windstorms may cause PWC to shift on lift

-Lift needs to be placed a distance away from, obstructions such as neighbouring docks.

-Screw anchoring requires sufficient soil conditions and need to be installed so the top of the anchor is below ground level.

-System is not designed for extreme weather conditions.

-PWCs should be removed from lift prior to extreme weather events.

-Maintenance and inspection of dock and anchoring is required to ensure proper operation.

-Delivery and Installation not included but available.

-Return of un-used stock goods is subject to 15% restocking charge. Special order goods may not be returned.

-Past due accounts are assessed a service charge of 2% per month (24% per annum).

-Title to the Goods shall pass to the Purchaser upon receipt of payment in full. Until such payment is received, the Goods shall remain moveable property of Csquared Innovations Inc.

-No Holdback under lien legislation is allowed for.

-CSquared Innovations and its suppliers are released from any liability as to the legality or non-legality of the system to which this quote relates. Namely, the customer is solely responsible for obtaining the various permits and authorizations required in association with the ‘items covered by this document unless stated otherwise